Excel Laundry’s Managed Laundry Systems specialise in the supply and management of both guest and OPL laundries. Excel Laundry’s has grown from self-service laundromats throughout Southeast Queensland to becoming an industry leader Australia wide with Managed Laundry Systems (MLS).

Through years of experience, MLS has created a fully integrated solution that offers payment platforms, auto dosing laundry detergent and reliable washing machines and dryers. Our laundry solutions can be tailored to a range of industries and can be made suitable for any size laundry. In addition to a fully integrated laundry solution, MLS offer a variety of ownership and income models to choose from.


Rental provides certainty for customers with a fixed monthly fee, term and equipment. You always know what you are paying. Upgrades in equipment can be facilitated where capacity may change, this gives an element of flexibility for those businesses growing or expanding. Rentals can also be classed as an expenditure item allowing for a 100% right off.

Commercial operators are often suited to this arrangement offering the ability to upgrade equipment on a predetermined basis.


Excel Laundry’s MLS can offer equipment leases to businesses. MLS can arrange finance on an entire laundry or induvial machines. The equipment is then owned by the customer after the term of the lease.   

Service Guarantee – All options come with a service guarantee for the life of the contract or equipment warranty. Regular servicing is significant to the operation and efficiency of all equipment. Depending on the uses or industry, issues can arise that cause potential issues for ignition and disease management. MLS also advises on all aspects of installation.


Best suited to clients with guest laundries, Profit or Income share always provides a positive return for the landlord or business operator. The client always receives a fixed percentage of the turnover each month. This means there are no cost blowouts as income is proportionate to expenses which has suited many seasonal operators.


Excel Laundry’s MLS can provide the option to sell machines and equipment from our trusted brands and suppliers. We can sell individual components or entire laundry packages with ready to go with machines, payment platforms and chemical dosing systems.