Managed Laundry Systems

About Us

Excel Laundry’s Managed Laundry Systems specialise in the supply and management of both guest and OPL laundries. Excel Laundry’s has grown from self-service laundromats throughout Southeast Queensland to becoming an industry leader Australia wide with Managed Laundry Systems (MLS).

Through years of experience, MLS has created a fully integrated solution that offers clients a fully managed solution. Our laundry solutions can be tailored to a range of industries and can be made suitable for any size laundry. In addition to a fully integrated laundry solution, MLS offer a variety of ownership and income models to maximize your returns.

Having a strong organisational background in the laundry operations, Excel Laundry’s is well placed to provide advice and management when it comes to laundry systems. The concept of managed laundry systems came about through the development of each component of the inhouse laundry operation of many hostel styled accommodation facilities. Initially focused on increasing reliability and decreasing fraud, the system has well developed methodologies that are assured to protect and improve your bottom line.

The initial step has always been to match the right equipment for the job and then add the supporting structure. Being independent, we are able to advise on the most appropriate equipment to do your job. Once we understand the needs, it is simple to advise on the other aspects associated with operations, such as design, utility services, vending options, installation and remote management.

Our aim is to optimise capacity, reduce manpower and maximise the return on investment.